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Signing in Excellence is a mobile notary service proudly serving the Fredericksburg region and its surrounding counties. The owner, Michelle Riddick, is a Virginia Commissioned Notary Public who has performed general notary services for customers since 2001. She is trained and certified by the National Notary Association (NNA) as a notary Loan Signing Agent (LSA). This certification allows her to assist attorneys and signing services with real estate closings.  

Our customers are those who need important or legal documents notarized outside normal business hours, or they are unable to travel. Some customers elect to avoid the hassle of going to a bank or other locations like UPS only to learn that the notary is unavailable, or is not permitted to notarize certain documents. Others have mentioned they prefer the convenience of having a notary public meet them at their preferred location. 

As a Mobile Notary Service, we travel to you and charge a fee for travel and notary certification. We can come to your home, office, or meet you at any agreed upon public location. 

We can assist you with: 

  • General Notarizations

  • Witness Only Service

  • Field Inspections

  • 1-9 Form Completions

  • Real Estate Documents

  • Courier Service and other special request

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Professional Qualifications: 

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NNA Signing Agent.png
Judge and Gavel

Many people ask if a Notary Public can assist in the preparation of documents. The answer is, simply, no. I am only to act as an impartial witness to the signing of the documents and I cannot prepare or assist in the preparation of any documents. Since I am acting under the commission of a Notary, it is unlawful for me to notarize any document that I have helped create.

I am also unable to help prepare any immigration paperwork or file any such paperwork. I can, however notarize documents such as the Affidavit of Support that goes along with the immigration paperwork.

As a Notary, I do reserve the right to refuse to perform any notarization if I am unable to clearly identify the signer or if the signer seems unwilling to sign the document or is not fully understanding what is happening. All signers must be present of their own free will and be cognizant of the proceedings.

I offer extended hours so those working a 9-5 job can still have their paperwork notarized without missing work. Contact me to set up a time for finalizing your documents.  




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